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Mcafee antivirus full review

Full review
Mcafee, one in every of the world's most recognizable laptop security firms, was supported in 1987. the corporate prides itself on staying at the highest of the antivirus market however is it losing its grip? This restructure of the Mcafee antivirus providing offers you tight malware attack protection, and plenty of supplemental additional options, and a private firewall. However, this antivirus package scored quite badly in freelance tests. we have a tendency to looked fastidiously at Mcafee AntiVirus and 2014 to check what it will well and what it will badly.


You purchase the Mcafee antivirus and program on the web site, and so transfer your purchased product. you'll be able to conjointly procure a Mcafee back-up CD. we have a tendency to found installation was fast and straightforward ANd there wasn’t a haul putting in the computer code on an infected system.

The Mcafee antivirus system works with Windows XP with service pack three, Windows visual percept with service pack one, and Windows seven with service pack one. you wish a one Gc processor and 500MB of free disc space.

Mcafee antivirus and 2014 protects against viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans and bot-net computer code. The system conjointly scans removable drives and USBs.

Internet – The Mcafee SiteAdvisor web defender may be a helpful addition to the suite of protection. The powerful analysis tools area unit perpetually locating and testing new sites, analyzing the probability of spam if you enter your email address and downloading the files for analysis. The Mcafee system adds color cryptography to your search results to inform you if a website is probably going to be unsafe. we expect the flexibility to dam solely the malicious content in AN otherwise safe website is especially helpful, because it suggests that you'll be able to see safe sites that will are hacked. However, the computer code isn't thus smart at detective work phishing sites, that don’t loiter around long enough to be tested.

Firewall – an honest feature of the Mcafee antivirus providing is that the complete personal firewall. Not each antivirus program offers this.

Good points McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2014 review good points

• Large antivirus database
• Full suite software with extra tools
• Scheduled & real-time scans
• Internet SiteAdvisor warns you against dangerous websites

Unfortunately Mcafee isn't thus hot on removing threats as different computer code for viruses. Reviewers have reportable that the program leaves behind viable files and typically leaves these files running – Mcafee came sure explicit criticism for its treatment of rootkits.

Mcafee is certified by geographic region Labs for virus detection and virus improvement, and conjointly for choosing up malware, Trojans and spyware. Mcafee is additionally certified by ICSA Labs for virus detection. The program achieved certification in eight of the last Virus Bulletin tests. however within the dynamic check Mcafee did not reach very cheap customary rating. Mcafee didn’t receive certification for Windows seven or Windows XP with the tests.

Scans & updates

The full scan on the Mcafee program takes a bit beneath 0.5 AN hour – pretty customary for antivirus computer code. Repeat scans take a couple of minutes. The system fixes any found issues and asks you if you would like to quarantine any programs. you will have to be compelled to resuscitate to totally cleanup the system.

There area unit variety of choices to settle on from for scanning. You don’t would like any explicit technological data so as to run scans that may facilitate defend your laptop.

Updates area unit delivered mechanically, sometimes once the pc isn't being employed heavily.

The Mcafee antivirus computer code includes a Digital information device that goes through your files ANd for good destroys them – clearly not an everyday resolution to computer security however helpful if you lend your computer to a fan or need to possess it repaired. There’s conjointly a QuickClean program that deletes temporary files and your browsing traces also as sent emails. you'll be able to preview initial what's attending to be deleted, then take away the things you would like to stay.

Ease of use

This version of Mcafee antivirus uses a unique reasonably layout to different antivirus computer code. The windows to navigate through area unit slim and tall, with horizontal “drawer” tabs instead of tabs across the highest or down the left-hand facet of the screen.

This set-up makes it look distinctive however sometimes it's a bit tough to navigate. we have a tendency to incomprehensible the quality layout typically because it is usually easier to stay not off course of wherever you're going and not stray. However, the computer code is otherwise straightforward to use and you'll be able to use machine pilot scan modes also as came upon your own scans.

There area unit technical support and client service choices for you to create use of, and that we found it absolutely was usually straightforward to induce answers to any queries you will have. we have a tendency to detected that the technical support was essentially a trouble-shooting listing on-line however the client service was a lot of in depth.

appearance through video tutorials, also as chat with client service advisers or send AN email. each area unit free and therefore the web chat is obtainable through workplace hours,. you'll be able to decision daily, throughout business hours.


To put it merely, Mcafee antivirus and 2014 is best for a clean laptop. The computer code falls down somewhat once it involves removing malware and rootkits. The firewall addition to the antivirus package may be a massive advantage, however unless you're desperate for this feature you’ll realize the higher-ranked antivirus packages higher for the general protection of your system.


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